Artist Bio

Steph Hayes is a Harrogate based artist. She has an interest in abstract art and currently her preferred mediums are acrylic paints, inks and watercolours.

A graduate of fine art, Steph paintings are lovingly and playfully created. She uses vivid brush strokes and loves to use bright colours as a way to create energy within her paintings and drawings.

Inspired by nature and the world around her, Steph aims to bring an awareness of a deeper world, the one that we are unable to access through our 5 senses; an ethereal realm, accessing it through our creativity.

Her intention is that her works bring an awareness that we are all connected through a divine intelligence having a belief that there is a higher force at work.

High-vibe art radiating energy and colour, Steph works mainly in acrylics, occasionally branching out into oils, inks and watercolours. Sometimes she likes to draw in symmetry, creating energetic, geometric, mandala-like patterns that portray the idea that life is a never-ending cycle.

“I like to believe that we are eternal spiritual beings having a temporary human experience, where do we think creativity comes from? I love to start a painting without any real objective and just see where the colours take me, quite often the paintings seem to appear as if from nowhere.”

  • Stephanie Hayes, Artist